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My great HOPE is this…… your breaking bread experience will affect your soul. These photos will stir and resonate in you with deep meaning. They will bring to the forefront of your mind love and thankfulness for the people you share them with whether your session is a wedding, high school senior, family or anything else of special significance. Capturing you in a way that you are soul to soul with those dearest to you is something that requires participation on both of our ends. The idea can seem a little bit uncomfortable and is not for everyone, however I promise you the sessions that caught your eye, are the ones where this vulnerability took place.

  So who are my ideal souls? Anyone and everyone who wants to show me who they are so that I can capture who they are.  Families where Dad isn’t afraid to be a little goofy for a good laugh, brides who don’t mind a little dirt on the bottom of their dress, seniors who share their dreams, Moms who want me to use my creativity in their session, and grooms who never stop looking at their bride.  So if you are a fan of something you have found here, email me! Let us chat about what is happening in your life that you would like to remember in the form of art, art in photographs. If you have read this far my guess is that we are a good fit. So I would love to hear from you.

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