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Hey Soul Sisters and (Brothers!)You found me, Madison Clare.  I hope if you wandered here it's because one of my photos has grabbed your attention.  It has touched a part of your soul and you are unable to move past that intense feeling.  Orrrrr maybe you just are searching for a fun photographer with a unique style from behind the lens.  Either way, you found me, Maddie, and I'm so happy for you to meet ME.

I've been dancing through life for Twenty Five years, well crawling, walking and then dancing. When I'm not hanging with my Canon 5D Mark IV my time is spent seeking the Lord, sipping hot chocolate, chasing my 18 nieces and nephews, and Youtubing Jimmy Fallon clips because ain't nobody got time to catch his cracks live.

I am a West Michigan based Photographer with a car that can literally drive me anywhere I push the gas pedal. Whipping out my camera is therapeutic, it's relaxing, it's my happy place. That is why you will find so much variety in each of my sessions, I absolutely love what I do. Life events are my favorite to photograph because I enjoy sneaking photos of people living in the moment. When I'm snapping captures of people relaxing and living I know I am going to get a jewel.

So what do you say? Let's get together soon so I can capture you enjoying life's moments.  I'm just dying to meet you!

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